Flesh & Blood TCG: Welcome to Rathe Brute Deck

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Welcome to Rathe is the first booster and hero deck set for Flesh and Blood, releasing October 11th in local game stores across USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Each hero is available as a pre-constructed Hero Deck, playable right out of the box. Each Hero Deck contains a cohesive 60 card deck + hero card, weapon, equipment set, and rule book. Hero Decks are designed for high replayability as a standalone product, perfect for kitchen table gaming, or as a foundation to build upon with booster pack content to craft a tournament winning deck.

In the depths of the Savage Lands, a lone brute has carved out his territory in blood and bone. Abandoned to the mercy of the jungle as a cub, he fought to survive, fending off vicious beasts and scavengers. Yet this struggle has forged an alpha predator, relentless and unflinching, tearing through anything that gets in his way.

Reckless, savage and uncontrollable, Rhinar is driven by his bloodlust and base instincts. When he fights, he enters a bloody frenzy. Everything around him becomes a threat, the ground turning slick with blood as he blindly butchers everything in his path.

Hero Highlights


Fear. A weapon more powerful than tooth, claw, or club. Rhinar showcases his status as an apex predator with his ability to intimidate the enemy, immobilizing their defenses with his terrifying bellows.

Roll the Dice

Recklessly unpredictable. When a brute succumbs to instinct, anything can happen. To be an alpha brute, you'll have to throw caution to wind and roll the dice!

Strong Survive

The rule of the Savage Lands is simple; The Strong Survive. "Strength matters" is shown by the many brute cards and effects that are turned on by attacks with 6 or more power.

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