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A Song Of Ice And Fire - Bolton Bastard's Girls 

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In the land of Westeros, a title iDogs have been used as part of the hunt for hundreds of years. Their keen sense of smell, swift running Speed, and vicious bite have helped man put food on the table since their domestication. House Bolton, though, has trained dogs to not just hunt wild game, but men out on the field of battle. Accompanied by handlers, whose arrows help slow their prey, the Dogs are quick to chew apart anyone they catch. The bastard’s girls unit box for the a song of ice and fire: tabletop miniatures game allows commanders to field This squad as part of their Force. Being a neutral unit, any other house can hire them on. Lightly armoured, these swift hunters can easily take down enemies with a combination of arrows and teeth.

s a potential gateway to a life of leisure. Having land and Dominion over those on it can easily lead to never having to work a single day. The warrior's sons, however, have eschewed all lands and titles, devoting their lives to the seven. Instead of having servants bring them everything, they have honed their combat skills and owe their service to high septon. The warrior's sons unit box gives Lannister players a righteous arm out on the battlefield. These highly-skilled and well-equipped soldiers are an Avenging scythe, cutting down those who oppose them and using their faith to bolster themselves during combat, gaining faith tokens that they can use for different bonuses and abilities.




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